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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Am So Entertained

Finally it's 2008. Oh what a year 2007 has been. Well lots of things happen. Some good some bad. Well, it's really funny how the world is made up of different types of people. Well, one particular type of people really amazes me. They are the sore losers. Well, as you can see, they fit the name really well. Whatever they do, they tend to think either they are superior and when they are either proven otherwise or they lose, you will see the soreness rearing it's head out of their asses. Well there's this person who loves to make himself look so knowledgeable, well I would say dumb. Furthermore, he likes to sing his own praise by dragging my name along so that he doesn't feel lonely hahaha. One may wonder what's so sore about this sore loser, well the fun is when you see him either barely win or loses in a game and you will know what I mean. Too bad you don't get to see him but it really amuses me when it happens.

Whatever it is, I just hope he will learn to grow up one day and know that the world is big and life is wonderful, hahaha.

Recently, there's another sore loser who appeared before me. Worse of all, this one is a real petty and jealous one too. The story goes like this, I brought something new to a game and you guess what, that SOMF made some sarcastic remarks. And as if I even care about what he said, I just ignored him. I think that really pisses him off. Well to help you understand, he's quite a lonely person to begin with. So, by ignoring his peabrain remarks, it sparked off his extreme loneliness and the pea side of the brain started to act. Oh well, I really can't be bothered. Then I heard from another guy that he complained lots of stuff about me to him. That guy said that he might have some misunderstanding with me. Do you think I care, of course not lah. In fact my feet was laughing all the way home till my shoes cried enough. Wow, he even resorted to some threatening, thinking it will bother me etc. Hahahaha, it's so funny so I just ignored his nonsence.

So as you can see, there really are lots of different types of people out there. Some I wouldn't even consider them human, they behave more like monkeys to me. That explains why they have a pea in their brain. LOL. Well if you happen to see this and you're not happy about it, you don't have to come and look for me because I don't have time for peabrain monkeys trying to perform some wayang in front of me LOL.